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Our helpful pregnancy calculator will help you work out how far along you are, when your baby is due and the best time to have your scans.

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"I would like to thank you for the fabulous care during my pregnancy; your service is second to none and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone else."

Vittoria, Oxford


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Cervical Assessment

Most babies are born at term, which means between 37 and 42 weeks. Occasionally a mother will go into labour prematurely and much research has been done to try to predict who is risk of delivering early and ultimately to stop this happening. One way of identifying those at risk is to look at the cervix – the neck of the womb. The shorter the cervix, the higher the chance of premature labour.


It is not usual to look at the cervix routinely, but if a mother has had a previous preterm delivery, or has had treatment on her cervix in the past, it is worth having a cervical assessment scan. Your own hospital will usually arrange this for you if you are at high risk, but it can also be arranged through Beard Mill Clinic. It is best done at about 23 – 24 weeks, but can be done at other gestations if there is a specific indication, so do ask if you are unsure.


Gender Scan

Some parents like the surprise of finding out whether they are going to have a boy or a girl when the baby is delivered. Others like the excitement of knowing beforehand and you can find this out at Beard Mill Clinic.


If you are having one of the other scans, you are welcome to ask Dr Heath while she is scanning and she will always look for you. There is no additional charge for this.


However if you are not planning to have one of our detailed scans, but do want a quick scan to find out what you are having, you can request a gender scan. The earliest you can reliably tell is 17 weeks, so you cannot book this before 17 weeks, but anytime after. This will be a short scan, but Dr Heath will keep checking until she is sure and will also do a quick check of the baby and provide you with a picture.


Position/Presentation Scan

We prefer the baby to come out head first, but occasionally the baby has other ideas and tries to enter the world bottom first – in a breech position. The doctors and midwives looking after you can usually tell which way up the baby is by just feeling your abdomen, but sometimes it isn’t always that easy to tell, or you may just want to double check. You can do this by requesting a presentation scan at Beard Mill Clinic.


This isn’t normally done until after 36 weeks - before this the baby still has time to turn around on its own – but if it is breech at this point, you will need to be referred to the Breech Clinic at your local hospital and Dr Heath can arrange this for you.


Please note that this scan is only available to those who have had earlier scans at Beard Mill Clinic during their current pregnancy. If you are new to the Clinic or this is a new pregnancy, please book as a late wellbeing scan instead to make ensure there is sufficient time for a thorough consultation.


Endometrial Thickness Scan

There is a growing number of women who seek fertility treatment abroad. Often patients will be prescribed a treatment to thicken the lining of the womb (the endometrium) prior to them going to the fertility clinic for embryo transfer. It may be necessary to do a scan to check the thickness of the lining to make sure that the treatment has worked before you go and Beard Mill Clinic is able to offer this service.


Your fertility clinic will usually advise you when you need to have this scan, so please discuss this with them directly, but Dr Heath is able to do the scan and pass on the results to the clinic to finalise the timing of your treatment.